Did I tell you I'm a business broker? I think so! And what I act to be V …

Did I tell you I'm a business broker? I think it's! And what does it make me to be a voice over talent? ♥ 🎧🎤 Read to end because I leave anecdote in the last paragraph I do not swear gossip 🙈.

Being able to add my voice to different tasks 🗣 is a true prerequisite. For years, my voice has tracked ads, videos, special promotions … It's an amazing job that enriches your imagination, your talents and of course: VOICE! .

No task is "small" for me and since I decided to contribute to talks, I'll do it seriously and I enjoy working …. What are customers usually looking for? -What good? -This brings confidence. -Versatile. -Good attitude. – Passive accent (which can not define which country I am). – Point when recording (Very important). -No "criticize" the specifications. We must understand that it is a strategic preliminary in its preparation. -Select the amount "takes" necessary until the customer is satisfied. – I already said "good attitude"? 😉

The power of the voice is and will be valuable in communicating. And that "I do not know what" encouraging and moving "other places" to those who listen to me is what makes me love this work every day! .

There are many messages and emails I receive from people who have come to Iceland who ask me to help them because they want to "take away" in this wonderful competition. I try to give my hand so much that my manager asked me to keep in touch with all my friends because he did not have time to answer so many calls 😂 (I swear that this is a real story and the most funny is that all beautiful people who ask me for help do not even know in most cases, but I always tell them that when they call my manager they tell them they are almost my family 😊). . . .

Are you also the one who receives all you want to reach? 😁 Tell me here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻.