Genial Day is the only proprietary notation with Anion Strip (Anion Strip) …

Genial Day is the only patented Anion Strip, which is made with a bactericidal silver and skin care product from bricks.
Why is it good post pad? Anion strip will help to heal your skin faster, it's a toxin that's so important at this time, it's breathable – your skin really needs it and it provides the best absorption.
It can take a full glass of water !!!
Works like a diaper but does not look or feel like one! It's dry to touch even when it's filled! 😮
And you can definitely find Genial Day since it has been tested and certified by Oeko-Tex (tested for harmful substances), Made for Health, VEGAN (not tested on animals). ❤️🐰 >>>> visit to show that someone loves to review their postnatal critique! They will definitely thank you for that. 💗🤸♀️Woohoo! #postpartum #pads #absorption #safe #chemicalfree #antibacterial #healing #phbalance #vegan #organic #women #womenswear #girl #girlpower