Let me know you my car, I think you could contact her. Friends, Meet W …

Let me know you my car, I think you could contact her. Friends, meet wild pearl! I share about her in my book but I can not wait anymore and want to share just a little of her story
I found her on the side of the road, for sale, ragged out and showing signs of neglect. You might say I have something for downtrodden, I know what abandoned is – and how transient is found and love AS-IS! ⠀
She looked rough, as if she had been driven wild. I wondered where she had been, what she had seen how she got the clothes she wore. (Am I the only one who thinks this way?) We made the contract and loaded it on a flatbed in a garage where we would rebuild her with close attention. It's what @ grizzyates and I like to do – redeem what seems to be in the past to go into something that's going to go! I giggled that night when we followed her. I was pleased with her AS-IS, though I knew what she could be with my care and attention. And that's when it struck me … if I wanted to beat up the old car so much that I would pay what was just waiting to have her, save her and make her myself … how much more would God do for me? ⠀

Oh friend, how much does God want us all more? Infinite more so! Would you like to share this message with your friends by getting each copy 🤝 #linkinbio