My Bike Idea ✨✨ One that really comes to me is that people believe that everything is …

My Bike Idea ✨✨ One that really comes to me is people who believe that all they have to do is crazy intensity to lose weight. The exercise is great, the exercise is good for the body, but sometimes it just has to slow down. ✨✨Research actually shows 30mins plus HIIT only changes effects and that's one of course I've shown. The exercise is a medicine, just like everything we have to prepare for them. We must make sure the body is ready before we begin. Are you really achieving goals?
It's easy for someone to say that here's the exercise plan to do it, eat healthy … But are you achieving the goals you want? Stop suddenly?
You can light weight, in fact, weight can just be omitted if your diet is on the point. Now I mean, it takes some research. But your body is in tact.

The exercise will help to lose weight but not if the body is not ready. There are so many support factors that can stop your goals and diet usually gets the accusations.
Well you know what, it's not always a diet. There may be something like drugs or even injuries that prevent even unknown intolerance or hormones.
So is your body ready? Mentally you are but physically you can not.
I describe this as my own theory of my bike. When you jump on the wheels, the tournament continues to resume when you exit. You have stopped but your body is trying to continue. Because you are not in tact.
What is my job !! To get you ✨✨