Think (and feel!) From your workplace It sounds totally "off" right? Honestly

🌺🌸💖 HUGA (& MUG!) FROM YOUR WHAT ARE THE SINGLE? It sounds totally "off" right?

Honestly – like someone who is able to "get out of his head" and be "strong and soft" then this wisdom was sent to God!

Now that I'm feeling lost – scared – anxious – one – I just release my thoughts, focus and attention on my uterus – my pelvis.

It immediately calms my frenetic mind and the reason my distribution.

It softens my energy – emphasizes my thoughts – transmits my body – opens my heart.

I feel from within. 🌸 Emphasis. Calm down 🏵 Considered. 💖 loving.

Try it!

When you are going to "do" your things and you feel nervous or anxious, drop your thoughts into your pelvis.

I'm laughing and saying: "Think with your cavity and get rid of Pelvis!" It really works!

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