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Fashion in space.
If I want to talk about fashion, I can go to the past … I think it's the best way to understand something. Knowing the story gives us tools to know something we want to talk about or we simply do not know
Take a break there to create my own universe, not only mine, but all those who want to come at this time and create your own concept, your own universe
Fashion has no borders, has no owner, has no parameters; I compare it to Art🎨🎭✌
I have opened a lot of doors in recent years, doors that until a few months ago I did not know why or what, but all the end like the jigsaw puzzle fits
The performance is expressions of expression, it's the art of living life in one body, you live it, you find it, you wear it and you confirm it.
Yoga is the art here and now, where you stand your fear, as you learn to know the darkest part of your soul to describe the little ones.
Fashion comes from fear and meekness, we create when we get thought … with the desire to reach our bodies and maybe even hide our "imperfections"
The sport is associated with this fear, to see me strong and beautiful to deny lack of self-love without knowing that self-esteem is not present, no self-love is seen, neither is it labeled nor 14 karaat, the selfishness comes from their eyes succeed in developing it
Food comes into our lives as a tool to increase our health, although I explain the following:
It does not matter if you eat a green mountain or if you live when you think about it, it does not matter how many animals you eat or how many people you leave alive if your mind is a cemetery … in that place even the healthiest food can be created To make the poisonous poison.
My invitation is to travel together to the deeper things of our existence and to discover us a little, so as not to fall into social parameters, it's a way to learn to love yourself as you are

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