COLOR ME BADD After one bad calendar, you get frustrated with dating and just given …

After one bad date, you get frustrated with dating and just surrender? Do you implement the rejection because something is wrong with you? Dating can be difficult these days in the world of swing. The more challenges you face, the greater the confidence and resistance you need to achieve your goals. Submit your self-esteem to a date that rejected you give them authority over your goals … perfect stranger who does not even know you. 🖤
To rip up and down, you must own and evaluate who you are. Some ways to build your confidence:
🖤 ​​Look healthy lifestyle 🖤
🖤Create gratitude list everyday🖤
🖤Have self-assessment 🖤
🖤Not accept rejected as a failure 🖤
🖤 ​​Focus on strategic solutions
🖤Have new skills or hobbies