I can not believe we'll celebrate 11 years together for a few months …

I can not believe we'll celebrate 11 years together for a couple of months … and finally I'll take care of the wedding! 😂💍😂
Things have been a clumsy way with us from the first day. We met in a high school party. Born pregnant almost immediately. I was in my senior year and he had already completed a master's degree. He fought with addiction and faced prison. Things were chaos just before bat and we were both so young …
Justin and I come from divorced families and neither of us knew what a healthy relationship seemed like. We fought all the time. I was a great assurance … and gained confidence in his addiction.
Fast forward a few years ago. We discovered that we had TWINS at 21 !!! Haha! What wire winds. It was untouched, scary, unknown ….
I always knew we were blessed with twins so we had to be together and of course many other reasons. It just made sense … although the first years of twins life were …. hellish. Our relationship was in mares, I was stressed, he was stressed … it was simply a mess!
About 2 years ago, we were thinking of calling it. I was looking for a new place to live and we were discussing who would have the kids already, money … all that. Everything had come to our head and we were both broken.
When things are broken and I think I have zero control … I pray.
It always seems to work and it did this time. The book fell into my ring that changed me and saved us!
It has never been better … I had no idea that a relationship could be without fighting daily. Seriously … that was how it had always been.
We work daily in the United States. We are finally teaching our children how healthy marriage should be with respect and love. We appreciate each other more than ever and for the first time we are the best friends.
Super grateful for having him as my ride or die 💜 love #real #real #women #feminine #energy #universal #womenempowerment #womenempoweringwomen #goddesses #bossbabe #moon #manifest #universallove #grateful #thesecret #goodlife #girlpower #addictionrecovery # fitmums #relationshipstruggles #loveandrespect