Champions in difficulty pt.2 The bad goal of Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant: K …

🔸Constructions in difficulty pt.2
The bad goal of Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant:

Klay Thompson can only have the same opinion: "We were very bad during this trip, regardless of the results collected, but we were clearly improved. I'm proud of how we've fought: after the game against Houston, the two challenges in Texas might have come to a different conclusion. Unfortunately, it did not happen. There have been a lot of challenges from different perspectives on a week. The best way to leave everything is to remove moments, create a new group, go home and rediscover our joy and enjoyment to play basketball ". The bad percentages collected from this field (19/51 tonight, along with Thompson and Durant) will not change the approach no. 11 Warriors: "I continued to do the same things. It's simple: play the field, play aggressive games and do what you've always shown on the parquet throughout your career. And I think the numbers and the carts like Durant and I have collected in recent years are to show that we are correct that we must take these pictures. "Kerr can not but confirm:" Both are desperately trying to help us get out of it. We are trusted on them constantly try to score, especially when it's not curry. But then again, we must rediscover our team-made team-by-hard, hard defense, the ability to recover by mistake, run the transition, so that forming a big shot. It's much easier to say than to do, but it's been a lot of success in recent years. "~ Seb

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