Hi, I'm Samantha. • People who know me best call me Sammy. • I'm 29, Texas-raising …

Hi, I'm Samantha.

People who know me best call me Sammy.

I'm 29 years old, the Texas Resurrection, living in Dallas, now works as a personal trainer and increases online fitness training for female entrepreneurs.

I love my puppy Phoenix, is out and I'm struggling to keep the conversation on the surface.

I have days where I am struggling to encourage me to work out despite common faith.

If I'm not a challenge, I feel stagnant.

I can talk about Abraham Hicks for an hour and also love the solution of business problems. •
I'm the only child, so my friend is my family. ❤️

I'm very good listener because I feel like people who feel depression, down on themselves or misunderstood, just have not heard. I know because I've been there.

My latest reality is that we are all taught to be selfless and serve others, but we are not taught how to evaluate our own needs before serving others.

I hate the pink, but I have so many pink things.

I also hate to appear sometime early. Like HATE. Expect for the airport. Please contact me at least 2 hours early to avoid anxiety attack.

Everyone thinks I'm always happy, but I'll be boring too.

I am a very strong blend between spiritual and scientific. I believe deep in both.

I love how things grow my mind, but it's funny how to know more makes me absolutely unavoidable

I long to travel and explore in distant places. I also love the comfort of home and the love that is there.

Salsa dance is the expression of my soul.

Why am I cultivating an environment so people feel safe to know who they really are.
I live all aspects of my life with this statement.

I truly believe fitness is the best way for people to get in touch with the best version of themselves. •
Sometimes I ask if I was going to help others and somehow the universe finds a way to remind me that this is what I was going to do.

Hi! 👋🏾 This is little about me.

Who are you?