Some of you have seen that I was a bit critical of the @heart study #streetart …

Some of you have seen that I was a bit critical of the @heart Research #streetart project. Luckily, @wowtromso opened the project today. And I love it! If you want to read my newspaper article, you can do it below.
With the heart of men in Skien?

It's amazing that "With the heart of the Skien Center" refers to street art projects! One of the things I liked best about being in Bogotá in Colombia 2017 was walking through the city center with lots of colorful street art. So, I really look forward to coming home to get the same feeling. Finally, the center should be more lively but more desolate since the last time I was visiting home. Unfortunately, I was skeptical after reading an article about the project. One of the priorities was variety, but the artists who were proclaimed showed nothing but variety. There were 7 people from the United States, France / Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands and Ukraine, that is the western world. Suspicion has not diminished as more and more images of street lists have emerged.